Type M summer? 10 ga

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What do I have here??

What is the story on the primer??

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Looks to be a Tank or Aircraft engine starter with that primer and large grains of powder being the load. Usually these are seen in 8 bore, (with various case lengths) for those size engines but for farm tractors usually in a 10 bore size.

I can’t say for sure what this one is. But it’s neat!

Hi René, it is an electric primed cartridge for the Coffman engine starter. Type “M” is the starter model chambered for a single cartridge, while other models carried multiple cartridges in a revolving drum. It was made in summer and winter loadings.



I think Pete has the answer in terms of engine starter type. Often electrically initiated so they have a shielded primer ,hence the asbestos washer. Handle with caution.

Fede has the answer, mine was being typed at the time!.

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Nice YouTube film of a cartridge starter, but this is a Breeze not a Coffman (same thing but a direct copy from the Coffman Patent, done in WW2 I think.)



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Thanks, that’s a nice video!

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I can also add that this cartridge was loaded by Federal Laboratories, Inc. using a case made by Remington.

Below you can seen an ad from 1937.

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A very nice ad it is.
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