Type of 7.62x51 ammo used

i found this video

i wouldn’t talk about the guy but about the type of 7.62 ammo used
apparently it a blackhawk helico with a minigun (and not an apache)
but at 1.16 of the video i never see impacts of 7.62 like this
what type of ammo can this ? i know that explosive 7.62 exist but they are very rare

i would precise that i don’t know the reel impact on beton (yes i shoot carabine in 308 but on earth so no smoke or spark)

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probably or it is wrong the tag of the video (not a minigun) or at the beginning was a minigun firing, but then a 20mm. those impact flashes and tail tracer traces as well are not surely from a 7,62

The effect of the impact in the drive way is way beyond 7.62mm.
But I wonder if they would use 20mm in the city.

Actually the web should hold info on the choppers (+ armament) the Mexicans are using no?

i see use of 30mm AEI in rio favela so 20mm in mexican city why not ?

They did? Very ambitioned I would say!
But probably hard to hit the wrong guy there…

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yes you can see the characteristics impacts of HEI with nice sparks ,and yes the explosion is bigger than the mexican video (same as CBC promotional video on firing range test)
i can’t find this video now

These are UH-60’s armed with GAU-19’s using HEI. I know because I was a UH-60 Crew Chief in the military and in the UAE I managed a fleet of UH-60M’s, of which many were DAP aircraft modified with GAU-19’s. To clarify, .50 cal.

thank for your explaination