Type of experimental

I need a verification of this cartridge I have only a designation number but cannot check them
against mesurements of the round.What I have is the number 5.7+33mm Sako or 5.7mm J however
the last one was supposed to have been made made from Carbine cases and do not correspond
with the Head stamp LC 53 the head stamp on this round is FA 53 with a read annulus the mesure
ment of the bullet is in precise since seated to deep inside the case any ideas out there???
here are the numbers.
Case mouth Neck 648
Case- lenght 3300 Head stamp FA 53

I think it’s a .22 Homologous Carbine.
The picture is from the ECRA Data Viewer.

Well thank you rigby you could absolutely be right because the bullet has much more the
looks of a 22 than a 5,7mm what we need is a head stamp clarification

I would say it’s not 22 APG as Rigby posted - this cartridge is based on .222 Rem case.
My opinion is that it’s .30 Carbine necked down to .22 cal. - there are several versions - the only difference is the position of the neck and angle. They call that 5.7 MMJ, 22 carbine…

22 APG x 5.7MMJ

Yes original I almost agreed with you however the case shown is totally undisturbed in primer and
annulus.And nobody necked nothing down on that case.HUON shows an MMJ case with the Head stamp
LC53,if at all I would have bet on the SAKO round 5,7+33mm but as I said before I have no mesurements
for neither.I am certain the cartridge as it is has not been messed with.And yes Trabi-Fun the round as
you show it on the pics looks exactly as the one I have,I know some of these experimentals of that
period can be very problematic in particular if you cannot find the info.

Why not? After each war// certain period - the guns which became obsolete are being rebuid to something usable by civilians. It’s the same with M1 carbine. There was M14 followed by M16 in the army and 30 carbine cartridge became obsolete. There are milions of loaded rounds being pulled out and sold as components…like here you can find WWII .50Cal primed cases incl.the orig. powder charge sold recently in thousands quantities in Germany (US made).

Should you have the sizing die properly polished you willl not find any signs of necking the brass. Once loaded and tumbled the loaded cartridges in wooden chips and the result is like manufactured yesterday. Any .30carb. primed/sealed case can be modified to 5.7MMJ or any other and will be looking like factory loaded.