Typical British reaction...(ammunition found in garden pond)

I saw this story earlier. The source is known to be a sensationalist newspaper and it is likely exaggerated, but still.


For those who don’t want to read the link, a couple living in Leeds, UK found a “bullet” in their garden pond and called the police. The police searched the pond and found 7500 more rounds. Despite the house being thoroughly searched and no more being found, they say that they don’t want to live there any more.

The article also says that most of the rounds were “2.2mm rifle rounds” which is of course very poor journalism.

Here are a few quotes from the article:

[i]Mr Tipping said: 'It’s really unnerved us. I’m terrified that next time I’m mowing the lawn I’ll run over a bullet that hasn’t been found yet. One of us could be seriously hurt.

'We have friends with young children who could have put one of the bullets in their mouth, or one of our cats could have got hold of one - it doesn’t bear thinking about.

'We were planning to be in this house for years - now we want to move out as soon as we can.

‘It’s sad because we love this house and have spent time and effort making it a home. And somebody somewhere has ruined that. I don’t want to stay in a house where that kind of thing has been found in the garden. I’m gutted.’

Mr Tipping added: ‘Of course for our family and friends this is a great story, but for us, it’s ruined our home.’

This is the way people in this country have been coditioned to react when firearms or ammunition are involved. However, the commenters at the bottom of the page seem to have more sense.

Would appear ignorance ‘ruined’ their home. All those cartridge myths you’ve heard rolled into one story.
I’d be overcome with joy to find a hoard of rare cartridges in the back yard… Where did I leave that spade!

Wonderful on the spot reportage so typical of 99% of reporters.

Got to admit my favorite comment was :
“If only cats had opposable thumbs, imagine the carnage with these bullets there would be a canine massacre.”

Wow! The ignorance an lunacy is staggering!
And then they ripped up the floorboards of the house?

"or one of our cats could have got hold of one"
My big orange tabby tomcat does have enough dexterity in his front paws to actually pick up small things. I’ve never had a cat before who could do that. Maybe he’s English.

Don’t laugh too hard at the British. This is what years of Socialism and its propaganda have done to a once-great people. It is happening here now, and many of our own American citizens are not far from the type of craziness depicted in that article. With progressives in full control of our education systems, our media, and for the time being, our hopelessly corrupt government (at all levels), I don’t see a whole lot of hope for the future.

I prefer to remember the British of another time, when I was a youngster in short pants, when they stood virtually alone alone against the evils of National Socialism and “when never in the history of man had so few done so much for so many.”

To be fair, the UK has never had a “gun culture” like that in the USA and even before the legislation of recent decades gun ownership was rare, mostly consisting of shotgunners among farmers or well-off game hunters, plus a small number of target shooters mainly firing .22 rimfire rifles. Other types of weapons in private hands were extremely uncommon: at the time of the handgun ban in 1997 as I recall there were some 60,000 people who legally owned one, which is to say one person in a thousand.

In these circumstances it is hardly surprising that the general population, including journalists, are completely ignorant of just about everything to do with guns and ammunition, and find them rather frightening: after all, they’re designed to kill, aren’t they, so they must be highly dangerous!

Means butcher knifes must be forbiden now in the UK…

EOD: They suggested banning the sale of kitchen knives with sharp points a few years ago. This was due to them commonly being used as weapons. However, someone eventually saw sense that it would achieve nothing due to the number of conventional kitchen knives already in existence.

Remember politics is not a search for truth, all they need is to control the minds of the people…

OMG! He found a bullet in his backyard and put it in his pocket!

Is this story on the level or is it a set up? The pond looks brand new, the liner isn’t even muddy. the people seem just a little too willing to pose for the cameras. Pictures show the police looking into the pond, it appears to have been taken from inside the house. Similarly pictures of police ripping up the floor boards. The publication of pictures like that might happen in the US but NEVER in Britain. Much stricter rules about contamination of a crime scene. Much stricter rules about gathering evidence and what is later admissible in court. All those pictures are now inadmissible, so are the contents of the pictures. (in other words all that ammo cannot now be used as an exhibit in any trial - Dumb? or do they know something?)

This is because a jury member might have seen the story in the paper and formed an opinion prior to any trial. If it came to a trial the defence lawyer would just stand up on the first day and say "I’m sorry your Honour, this has been in the papers and on the internet"
Things don’t add up

We are heading that way here in the US as well…

I recently heard of a Kindergarten student from Connecticut (post Sandy Hook tragedy) telling her uncle here in Vermont that their teachers are teaching them that the word “gun” is a “bad word” akin to the “F” word and the “N” word…

A few years ago, my wife, who is a school teacher, found an EMPTY 12 ga. shotgun shell in the possession of a first grade student. She knew what it was but had to report it to the school administrators nonetheless. you would have thought the kid brought a nuclear bomb to the school the way the administration reacted. Sad.


Gone are the days that one could bring an inert MK 2 grenade to school for show and tell or build a cross bow for your junior high shop project (did both and got “A”'s). My (now) 20 year old daughter nearly got expelled from first grade for having water pistols as a class party favor. Definitely has gone down hill. Cheers, Bruce.

Yes, the days of common sense concerning guns and ammunition are long gone. When I was a kid in the late 1950’s I went to a 1-room school (K-8) in northern Michigan. In the fall it was routine to have 4-6 shotguns and .22’s stacked in the corner of the schoolroom. All of us older kids always went hunting on the way to school (I walked 2 miles across fields and woods every day) and way home. A rabbit , squirrel or partridge was always welcome at home for supper that night. During deer season, not only did the school close for the 1st day of the season, but for the rest of the season the shotguns and .22’s were replaced with .30-30’s and .30-06’s in the corner.

In high school Public Speaking class I gave a 2 hour talk on the history of ammunition complete with about 200 live cartridges from .22’s to .50 BMG that were (Horrors!!!) actually passed around the room for every one to look at. I rode a school bus to high school and even carried these cartridges openly on the bus with the full knowledge of the driver. Of course, nothing was said, nor was anyone concerned.

It is too bad that so many people today (and not just in England) are so paranoid that a child can be expelled just for innocently pointing a stick or the wrong finger at no one and be presumed to be a danger.

I have a friend who grew up in Brooklyn NYC.in the 1950’s The kids used to take 22 rifles on public transportation to use in the shooting clubs after school. He recalls when he and a friend took a bus trip out to the local landfill (again with 22 rifles) and put a dent in the rodent population.

Try that [color=#FF0000]today[/color]. Mayor Bloomberg would loose his mind and you’d likely never see day light again

Ron I grew up in the eastern townships in Quebec in a small town called Bedford.
I had a public speaking class in which I had to give a speech on any topic in front of the class.

My topic was " Selecting a bullet for varmint hunting with the .243 Winchester."
Only one other person in the class had even a clue about what I was saying …
definitely not the teacher who had to grade me fifty percent on content.

I brought the BSA .243 rifle complete with live ammunition to school for that class from my house next door .

Another day George Peron the police chief who was directing traffic stopped all traffic at noon downtown so that he could look at my new .22-250 Weatherby Varmintmaster for a few minutes- it is a small town .
He had an original .22-250 wild cat rifle built on a Mauser action.

I should have bought the .224 Weatherby instead .

George had a 12 gauge shell freeze up in the mag tube on a 12 gauge Winchester model 12 while duck hunting.
He worked the action several times to empty the gun outside .
When he went inside he worked the action again and then pointed the shotgun at his mothers black cat in the corner.

He pulled the trigger and was very surprised at the loud bang leaving only a hole in the wall no cat.

His old French Canadian mother said “George I know that you didn’t like that cat but you did not have to do that.”

True story !!


In 1968 when I worked for John Wilkes Gun & Rifle Makers (79 Beak St., London, W1, GER-5639 ) I had to go across town to Moss Brothers store to bring a gun back to Wilkes. I took the underground, a bus & waked. The gun was an about 4+ foot long, single barrel 4 bore & It wasn’t in a gun cover. The 1st part of the return was walking & I got stopped by a Bobbie. “Hello” he says “where are you going?” Of course as soon as I opened my mouth he knew I was a yank & so I told him what was going on. He asked for my passport & no I didn’t have it. He then asked for Wilkes license number & I had no idea of that. So he just told me to go on & when I got back to the shop to have to have them call the police. So rest of the trip (underground & bus) no problems & I told Tom what happened. He then called the police & gave them the license number, which was “4” & all was well!

Not to likely to happen today, & what a shame.

Here are a few more similar articles I found recently.

This one where a man saw a single round of .22LR on a street in York, UK. The police came and removed it for “safe storage”.


Another where what looks to be a single round 0f 5.56 was found in a garden.


Another where someone kept a two of rounds after helping with pest control on a farm:


The quotes from the judge have to be seen to be believed:

[i] “The danger is that someone burgles Mr Pattison’s house, finds these and they end up in a gun somewhere and end up killing someone.”

He told Pattison: "Both bullets were capable of being fired and causing fatal injury and the way you kept them in the house was insecure.

“The danger from that is if they fell into the wrong hands . . . they could have found their way into a weapon and been used for criminal purposes.” [/i]

It’s mind-boggling the type of danger that people think cartridges, or even guns can cause - compared to things like compressed gas, gasoline, vehicles, carnival rides, or bicycles. Even a person armed with a knife in a crowd is vastly more potentially dangerous than “2 cartridges”.

The most dangerous is a sick mind!

“The danger from that is if they fell into the wrong hands . . . they could have found their way into a weapon and been used for criminal purposes.” [/quote]

So these two cartridges are just laying around one day all by themselves, find wrong hands, & trot out on the street looking for a criminals gun & then get loaded, (do any of you have one of these rounds in your collection you know opposable thumbs & feet)

Yeah I know but…