TZ-1-72 9x19 Revisted


9x19 Israel TZ-1-72 “skymarshall” Stainless steel balls in hardened resin.
Got this thru a friend, love those trades! Computer was down when previously discussed, sorry.
Is it my camara, me, or my computer making the pictures blurry? thanks wolf


Awesome section specimen!

On the photo quality, it could be 4 things;

  1. the resolution setting on the camera (set it to the highest quality level in the menu),
  2. the mode that the picture is being taken in (for close-ups you usually want the little “flower icon” and will want good area lighting),
  3. the lens could be dirty?
  4. or the steadiness of the camera (try a tripod or something to set the bottom of the camera on).


And most important, switch the “ISO” setting to 100 or max 200 and not to “auto”. Means you must use the manual menu of your camera and not the “the camera is doing all by itself” mode.

This will then require a camera tripod and artificial lightning (preferrably in daylight temperature around 5500k).

If possible use a remote release.

If you camera has a display try to set the shutter to the largest figure given there. Then use the setting for the exposure time and set it to the brightness/lightning in the display that seems good to you.
For future ammo images: Leave the shutter as it is then and just juse the exposure time setting to get the lightning you want on any other close up (macro) image.