U 40 .303 Drill round

My new acquisition. It took me a while but i found my earliest South African U 40 drill round today.


I’m not sure if the bullet is correct though? Comments please…



According to Wiki:
With the declaration of war in September 1939, the South African Army numbered only 5,353 regulars.
Considering this number, a South African drill cartridge must be un-common. I don’t think I have one.

And we only started manufacturing .303 in 1938. I will have to look and see when the first was manufactured.

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Here are two different, top is the same HS as SA’s, bottom with shorter OAL is a “39”
He doesn’t say but both of these are GMCS-jacketed, can’t see the casse mouth crimp either.

Thanks Pete, so the bullet is correct. I was going through Will’s paper on SA 303 production and they made drill rounds in 38,39,40,41 and 45 so i have lots more to find!!!

Ref Tony Es headstamp guide book, page 73 (6) ‘This is the South African Local Pattern of the Mark VI with a ball headstamp’

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And this is what the .55 Boys looks like.