U.A. Artillery projectile marking size?

I recall seeing somewhere, but cannot find it again, information on the size of the markings on artillery projectiles.

There is plenty of info on colors and what the markings read, but I cannot find the height (and the font style?) of the lettering.

Mainly interested in 57mm-175mm Army ammunition circa WW2 to present, but would also like similar info for Navy projectiles 3"-16".

I would greatly appreciate any tips on what manuals or other references have this info.

For starters here some possibilities; I will check my files for more.

Service Markings On Ammunition and Ammunition Containers, Ord. Pamphlet 2036, GPO 1921: bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/7 … ition-1921. You have to be a member of BOCN to see the pictures.

Paints and Markings for Field Artillery Ammunition and Ammunition Boxes, 1918: scribd.com/doc/53649231/Pain … s-USA-1918

Fort Lee, Virginia 23801-1809
modern-prepper.com/download/fmsa … _codes.pdf

US Navy OP 2238 circa 1950’s is supposed to cover painting and lettering of Navy gun shells but I have not seen this one nor do I know where to get a copy (pdf).


Brian- Thanks for the suggestions.

I have Navy OP 2238 from 1957 and it DOES cover Navy markings in great detail, with dimensions. It uses the “old” Navy color codes, and maybe there is a newer edition that gets into the Vietnam era markings which were similar to the Army colors.

I will be glad to send you a .pdf copy of OP 2238 if you want one. (It is about 40MB so I may have to break into several emails).

I need to check out the first two on your list in the morning. I suspect they only cover the pre-WW2 specifications.

The “Interpreting” link covers colors and text, but not size of the markings.

The markings used after adoption of NATO standards are shown in detail in TM9-1300-251-34 dated January 1975, in appendix D or in TM9-1300-251-34&P dated 1994 in Appendix E.
This include the size of the markings, spacing between lines, and space from top or bottom of the projectile.

However, I am still looking for the source for specifications effective from early WW2 through 1964.