U Hi SPEED .22 rimfire headstamp

Can anyone provide the dates that the Hi Speed headstamp was used by Remington on their .22 ammunition? Thanks.


By “anyone” do you mean Ron? I have my printer turned on, ready to copy his answer for my files. ;)


It would be great if Ron were to hop in with the correct answer, but I’d like to see another brave soul take a shot at it first. Why not you?

In the interest of getting the discussion going, I have conflicting information. The Rimfire Headstamp Guide by George Kass indicates the dates are Circa 1934 to late 1950s. In looking through Buttweiler’s American .22 Rimfire Boxes, while the Hi Speed boxes were produced beginning in 1930, the U Hi SPEED headstamp doesn’t show up until 1946; the headstamp in the earlier boxes was the standard U.