U.M.C. .32-35 Stevens

I have found an interesting anomaly in the U.M.C. catalog listings for the .32-35 Stevens. In the 1890, 1901, 1904, 1905, 1906 and 1909 catalogs the ONLY bullet listed is a 165 gr. Flat Nosed Grooved Lead bullet. But, in the 1905 catalog, the first catalog I have with illustrations of the cartridges, the cartridge shown for the .32-35 Stevens is a 165 gr. PAPER-PATCHED load. But, no Paper Patch loading is listed in the price list. Does anyone have a U.M.C. .32-35 headstamped round that they are POSITIVE is a factory load? By the way, the illustrated cartridge in the catalog has NO headstamp, unlike 99% of the illustrations which show a U.M.C. headstamp.

Ron: Is the caliber designation a part of the illustration? Perhaps it’s a .32-40 or another similar round that is actually depicted? JG


This was discussed on an earlier thread, I believe. But it may have been on the old Forum and not retrievable. Anyway, do a search.

It’s always been my understanding that the PP bullets were intended to be used along with a charged case and cardboard or felt wad, loaded ahead of the case, into the lands with a special loading tool. In other words, not loaded directly into the case.

I bought the shooting kit of an old timer several years ago. In it I found 3 cases (no headstamp), two loaded and one a primed empty. Also in the kit was a box of factory Rem 165gr patched bullets. The label indicated that the bullets were for the “Stevens.”

In my cases, at least, there is no way that you can get 32 grains of BP in the case and still seat a bullet. But, as I recall, in the previous thread another collector indicated that his cases could be loaded with a full charge plus a bullet.



Here is the page from the 1905 U.M.C. catalog showing the .32-35 Stevens 165 gr. Paper-Patched loading. That this load existed is not the question. In “Single Shot Rifles” by James J. Grant, Pg. 56 there is a picture (not a drawing) of a “.32/35/153 Stevens taper” with a flat nose plain lead bullet and a “.32/35/165 Stevens taper paper patch”. The question is did U.M.C. factory load this bullet. It is strange that they show it in the catalog but it is NEVER listed in any U.M.C. price list in my possession. Does anyone have a box for this loading?