U.M.C. & 7.62x39 CD's


I know this is REALLY off-topic, but I hope to have the long awaited CD’s for the U.M.C. Cataloged Loads Listing and the 7.62x39mm Master List ready for SLICS. But, I need some advice. You can send me an email if you wish instead of using the Forum.

I am new to burning CD’s. I need some advice on which format to use and what type of disc to buy.

Also, is there any way to make a clickable menu that loads automatically whenever the disc is started?

I need to make Data CD’s that consist of MS-Excel spreadsheets with embedded .JPG images and
an Introduction file written with MS-Word. I would like the discs to be able to be updated by the user. However, I have been told that the shelf life on CD-RW is only about 2 years. So, I probably use one-time CD’s. Any comments on this?

The files will total about 400 Megs.

To be the most compatible with the most number of users, which type of discs should I use?