U.M.C. Catalogs Needed

[color=red]HELP!!![/color] I have managed to gather together about 75% (105 out of 143) of the U.M.C., Remington-UMC and Remington Arms catalogs from 1865 to 2008 for my listing of all cataloged loads.

I still need the following catalogs. [color=red]PLEASE[/color] if you have any of the following catalogs, contact me. Click on PM or E-mail below or phone or write.

I am mostly interested in scans of all or specific pages, but will consider purchase.

Ron Merchant
1023 Hickory St.
Lansing, MI 48912

Phone: (517) 267-1980


1865 Union Cap & Chemical Co.

ANY E. Remington & Sons. (I have a few, but need most of them)

1866 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1867 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1868 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1870 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1874 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1876 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1877 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1878 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1879 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1881 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1883 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1888 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1891 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1893 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1894 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1897 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1898 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1902 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
1908 Union Metallic Cartridge Co.

1915 Remington-UMC
1916 Remington-UMC
1918 Remington-UMC
1919 Remington-UMC

1920 Remington Arms Co.
1921 Remington Arms Co.
1922 Remington Arms Co.
1924 Remington Arms Co.
1925 Remington Arms Co.
1926 Remington Arms Co.
1927 Remington Arms Co.
1928 Remington Arms Co.

I need these 2 modern catalogs:

1992 Remington Arms Co.
2003 Remington Arms Co.

About Remington and sons I have only that
1877 page 42
1880(May) page 31
1885 page29
1887 page 32

Check but I think you already have them

About Rem-Umc you already have all the ones I have


Ron…Did I send you 1908 Remington and UMC Price List…I have it, and if I did not send, might help until you find a 1908 UMC catalog…Randy

JP–Yes, you sent me the Shot Shells pages for all of those sometime ago. Thank you. I am in need of the rest of the catalog pages.

Randy-- No, I did not get the 1908 list. By the way, Price Lists are fine. The retail catalog is great, but the Salesman Price List often has more information than the Retail list.

If Im not wrong, I have 1999 Catalog.
I have a catalog the have:

Remington Country 

firearms ammunition accesories

On the back: 1999 Remington Arms Company Inc.

Is it what you need?

If it is

Martin–Yes that is the catalog I need. I need the Front cover and all the pages with ammunition on them including all shot shells, rimfire, pistol and rifle cartridges. I especially need the part of the Ballistic Tables that show the load number, name and bullet type. I do not need the extended ballistics part or any of the gun or accessories pages. They should be scanned using “Color Magazine”, 300 dpi. Letter Size, .jpg format. It would be best for me if you could name the individual scans using this format: “Rem Arms-1999-Pg-xx” Please number the front cover as page “00” and the pages below 10 as "01, 02, etc. so they will sort in proper order.

Thank you very much for being willing to help me out. If it would not be too much work, it would be nice to have scans of the entire catalog, but just the ammunition pages will do.

No problem, I can scan all the catalog as you need it.
It will take some time as it have more than 70 pages.
Where do I send it?

Martin–I have sent you an email concerning this. Thank you.

Don’t worry about how long it takes. Whatever is convenient for you is fine with me.

have you received my emails?

I have received some catalogs from my list above (edited to remove those I now have).

I had to go all the way to Argentina for the 1999 and 2001 catalogs.

Surely, some one has a copy of the 1992 and 2003 catalogs. PLEASE contact me.

Thats the magic on Internet, so far away and so close…LOL
Still searching for catalogs…Martin