U.M.C. Centerfire Pistol & Rifle Shot Cartridges

What is the date of the Mason Patent for the wood sabot for shot?

Does anyone have a factory loaded Union Metallic Cartridge Co. (U.M.C.) centerfire pistol or rifle SHOT cartridge with anything EXCEPT a wood sabot (paper sabot, card wad with roll or bevel crimp, rose crimp, etc.). If so, what colors, caliber, etc.


re the patent - have you tried the Google search? It’s a great resource.



Ron…When I collected UMC cartridges…I had a .50-95 Winchester with celluloid sabot…there are also other patents covering the wood sabot…assignor was UMC…Randy

I have 3 non-wood U.M.C. shot cartridges.
Red paper sabot–U on copper primer.
Red-orange paper sabot–plain copper primer
Tan paper sabot–plain copper primer (this may be called yellow)
All headstamped–U.M.C. .44 X.L.

Ron…See Dick’s post…I also, at one time, had 44 XL with green sabot…also had 56/52 Spencer and .40-82 WCF with paper sabots, light gray in color…but these were supposedly loaded by somone other than UMC…


I have a “UMC 44 WCF” extented case shot cartridge, Copper primer with impressed “U” and a white top wad.

I also have several other 44 WCF extended case shots but they have a “REM-UMC” headstamp. Also a “REM-UMC 11mm” Mauser with a red paper sabot but I guess your not looking for those.


Ron, I can add the raised headstamp 11mm Mauser with yellow paper sabot.

Ron, Only see 3 Henry Mason patents. 219,491 Sept 1879 for PAPER sabot for multiball assigned to Phoenix. 229,327 June 1880 paper patch or case for bullets. 253,213 for a cartridge loading machine.


In Marcot’s “Spencer Rimfire Cartridges” he states “Shot Loads with lead shot in bullet-shaped wood cases were manufactured by UMC. This type of container was covered by U.S. Patent #395,897, issued to Hartley & Hobbs on January 8, 1889.”


Paul–Yes, the Hobbs patent was the one I was looking for. For some reason I had it in my mind that the wood shot capsule was patented by Mason. Thank you for the date.

To all the others who have noted U.M.C. shot loads with other than wood capsules, thank you for the information.

As most of you know I am working on compiling a complete list of all cartridges and loads listed in the E. Remington, U.M.C. and Remington Arms Co. catalogs. I have currently completed 1866-1905 and 2000-2007 and most of 1946-1985. This is a HUGE listing. The shot shell listing alone, up to 1905 is over 3500 different loading, NOT counting shot sizes.