U.M.C. Headstamp-.43 Mauser

I have been cataloging my Mauser cartridges including several 43 Mauser (11.15x60R) cartridges. I found an interesting thread in the forum about this cartridge.


Thank you, Dutch, for your headstamp checklist.

I have the last one that Dutch lists, which is U.M.C. U.S.A. An image of this headstamp can be seen at municion.org in the 11.15x60R listing. I have never seen this headstamp on any other cartridge. My questions are:

  1. What is the time frame for this headstamp?
  2. Did UMC use this headstamp on any other cartridge, if so, which ones?
  3. If this h/s was only used for the 43 Mauser, was it for a foreign military contract or was it for sporting purposes abroad?


I hope to help you with a picture from the book: Die Munition zum Mausergewehr M71.
The date in the book is 1913.


Pete - the factory notes I have for UMC and the .43 Mauser Cartridge reflect the following:

Feb 1887 - Commentced to experiment on samples. Solid head shell with Berdan primer.

May 1897 - Changed to #2-1/2 U.M.C. primer. Made in round and flat point bullets.

Jan 29 1901 - Perfected a grooved bullet for this cartridge. .1 to .100 antimony if wanted.

Dec 1909 - Changed size of the bullet to .436-.437.

For the .43 Mauser Shot cartridge, the following entries were made:

Nov 1907 - Commenced making shot cartridges using paper container for shot charge.

Dec 1900 - Changed size of bullet to .436-.437

This is all I have. There are no other entries for this round under any metric designation. Only those sbove shown under the inch designation of .43 Mauser. UMC notes that I have never deal with headstamps applied, regretably.

Hope this is of some help.