U.M.C., Peters & Remington Catalogs


I have what I believe to be the most complete holdings of the catalogs of U.M.C., Peters and Remington as anyone. However, none of these are 100% complete. I have about 75% of all the U.M.C. catalogs, 80% of the Peters and about 90% of the Remington. I can provide .PDF listings of what I have and what I need for these 3 companies. If you think you might have a catalog I need (mostly 1960 and back for Remington and Peters), please send me an email with what you have or ask for the .PDF listings. I am interested in Retail Catalogs, Retail Price Lists, Dealers Price Lists, Export Lists, Wholesalers Price Lists, etc.

[color=#FF0000]If you can provide me with a scan or a loan for scanning, of anything I do not have, I will send you a free DVD of the entire catalog file for that company.[/color]