U.m.c. shotgun powder


While working on the U.M.C. Load List, I found listings for Shot Shells loaded with “Ducking” powder.
Is this a type of Black Powder or an early Smokeless powder.


Laflin & Rand,the Ohio Powder Mills and perhaps other gunpowder makers sold cans of powder that were labeled ‘Ducking’ powder. I believe it referred to a particular grade or size of powder which obviously was intended for duck hunting. Other makers, including DuPont and Hazard, labeled theirs ‘Duck Shooting’ powder.


Guy–Thanks for the information. What I really need to know is if it is a grade of Black Powder or an early Smokeless Powder.


It is black powder.



John–Thanks. That is what I needed to know. For my U.M.C. List I have broken down the shot shells into two major groups: Black Powder and Smokeless, I needed to know which list to put the “Duckung” Powder shells into.



Here’s a list of “Ducking Powders” from “Gunsmith” 1883.



Paul–Thanks for that very informative page of information.