U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations Underway

After nearly 20 years of mostly behind the scenes scheming, the U.N. will vote around July 27 on an “Arms Trade Treaty.” Final details are yet to be resolved, but many nations are pushing for restrictions on all sorts of military and civilian small arms, crew served weapons, and all types of ammunition, with no exception for sporting or civilian owned arms or ammunition. You can be sure that they are not the least bit sympathetic to the interests of cartridge collectors anywhere in the world.

In the U.S. the National Rifle Association has been fighting this for years, and besides fighting it in the United Nations committee which is drafting this thing, they have also lined up significant opposition to any advocacy for it, ratification, or implementation among members of Congress. However, many U.S politicians are strongly in favor of such limits, and have been uncharacteristically quiet about gun control [and ammunition control] for the last three years, and Obama has stated that they are “working on gun control under the radar” (paraphrased). They may try to sneak this one in while people are distracted by other election issues (or nonsense).

Read the latest NRA alert (link below), and let your elected officials know what you would like them to do on this issue. The time to speak out is NOW, not after something passes and is implemented.