U.S. Army Seriously Considering the Adoption of a 6.8mm cartridge

The 20% reduction in ammo weight is quite modest and allows room for polymer/metal (or stainless/aluminium) cased versions of conventional rounds. The all-polymer CT rounds exceed 30% saving.

Recent discussions here at Lake City and at PM-MAS Picatinny indicate that the 6.8 cartridge will be made at Lake City - whatever it ends up being on the case.

Money is moving and plans are being made. Current rumors are that it will have its own new building.


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Ground breaking on new 6.8 building is happening pretty quickly…

In the past, PCP ammo preformed poorly in Light MGs like the SAW, particularly ones with fluted chambers. I understood it was heat buildup compromising the case.

Apparently they have that problem fixed.