U.S.C.Co. 18 Headstamp .30-06 Cartridges

I assume that the " 18 " on the headstamp is for 1918 being year of manufacture. Do these have any collector value?

www.aubruin.com/photos/AA%20Auctions/Ro … ges%20.JPG[img]

www.aubruin.com/photos/AA%20Auctions/Ro … ges%20.JPG[img]

As we edge closer to 2014 (1914 + 100years), I am more and more convinced that items like yours, things made during 1914-1918, will go up in value. There will be more interest in WWI and thus more willingness to spend $$$. These rounds already have collector value, just not a very high one.

There was a very recent thread on those USCCo cartridges, and one or more earlier threads.

Value is in the eye of the beholder. Today, those early Cal .30 cartridges are still very common and don’t usually demand any kind of premium. Someday they might, but today’s younger collectors are looking at WW II arms and ammunition as the collectables de jour. In a few years it may be VN stuff, and then Gulf War, and then . . .



Thanks for the response Ray & Vlad. I am going to put those cartridges up for sale. Any guidance on what I should ask for them?