“U.S.C. Co. 3-09”


I have found a “live” ish round in my yard. I live on an old army fort so I know it’s WW1, WW2 era. It’s headstamp is U.S.C. Co. 3-09


The picture is not showing but the cartridge was made by the United States cartridge Company. The numbers are the dates: 3-09 for March 1909…so pre WW1.


Super cool! Thanks for the info!

hopefully the image shows up now.


Good evening DaPhys7 (Europe’s calling) and welcome to this Forum. It seems a very nice find. Is it possible to give the dimensions of the whole cartridge and of the case alone and also post a picture of a sideview? To me, it could be a 30-06 (7,62 x63)cartridge which was becoming standard issue of the US Army at that time of 1909 . But without knowing dimensions, it could be something else like a 30-03 (7,62 x 65)?




Ok. Let’s call in the specialists.


63 mm case length so Cal 30 M1906 ctg aka 30-06


Awesome!! Thanks guys!


While USCCo is in the “never heard of” category today, it was a top notch manufacturer of Match ammunition, repeatedly beating Winchester or Frankford Arsenal in terms of accuracy.
For example in 1909, the annual test firings to select the ammunition to be used at the Camp Perry National Matches resulted in .38 revolver as well as .30 rifle cartridges from USCCo being selected.

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