U.S.C.Co. bullet with "S"

I have a round of (of course) 7.62x54R with the headstamp “U.S.C.Co. 7.62 M-M”. The bullet is a .310 bronze point and the primer is a nickel colored domed one. There is a small “S” on the side of the bullet above the cannelure. I don’t remember seeing this on other examples of this headstamp before. Can anyone tell me what the “S” means and if this sounds like a reload?


I’m not sure if you can do a search on something with only one letter in the title, but there are threads where this has been discussed before. The “S” is found on several old U.S.C. Co. cartridges (bullets).

Are you positive the bullet is a bronze point? It’s more likely the U.S.C. Co. Hollow Copper Point (HCP)


Yep, that’s the one. Thanks! I’m surprised that they went to the trouble of making a bullet like that for this round, I wouldn’t have thought there was enough of a market for it.

The HCP bullet dates from the 1920s and 1930s. That was the time when surplus Nagant rifles were popular in the US.