U.s.cartridge co. 38 s&w

when was the head stamp for u.s.cartridge co. just plain “U.S.” and when did u.s.cartridge co. change from a flat nose banded bullet to the round nose on the 38 S & W.
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Hi fjackso, as to catalog illustrations, the 1908 is the last one showing what it looks like a belted blunt nose bullet and the 1912 the first one showing a belted round nose (both shown in black or smokeless powder loadings).

Fjackson: Do you have any idea when USC began headstamping their rifle and handgun calibers? My belief, based on circumstantial evidence, is that the practice began in the mid 1890s. This is derived primarily from the apparent fact USC never produced the .30-30 cartridge without headstamp. Jack

In 1891 USC Co headstamped rimfires with a raised headstamp
By 1897 rimfires were raised headstamps, centerfires had US as a headstamp
By1908 the rimfires were mixed raised and impressed, pistol was US, rifle was USC Co for the most part.
By 1917 the pistol rounds were still mixed US and USC Co headstamps, rifle were all USC Co
Illustrated catalogs showing headstamps after 1917 are not available to me if they exist for pistol and rifle.

This information is from catalog images. Generally new releases used the newest headstamp technique but so did fast selling rounds. The 44 Henry was illustrated with impressed headstamp before any of the Spencers or other rimfires. It may be that the illustrations reflected the stock on hand. Personnally I feel the catalogs are pretty accurate as to headstamp and the availability of the cartridge. I do question the 30-30 shown over many years with both US and USC Co. The US 30-30 headstamp is too tough to find to have been available for 8 years.

As to the original question, the 38 S&W was headstamped US 38 S&W after 1891 but by 1897 and continued with that headstamp until at least 1917. The change to USC Co for the 38 S&W is unknown to me from information available.

Gary: Thanks for your reply. I wrote imprecisely in my question about USC headstamps: I was actually thinking of centerfire rifle and handgun calibers. I believe the 1891 USC catalog does not indicate headstamps for these cartridges, so I have assumed headstamping came in about 1895, at the time the .30-30 cartridge was commercially available. I mentioned the .30-30 only because it seemed likely to me that USC introduced it soon after the appearance of this caliber and with a headstamp. Jack

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