U.S. Civil War Cartridges for Review


Are these all original period U.S.Civil War paper cartridges? Thanking you in advance and hoping to hear from you very soon.

Regards, juno44


More photo




To judge paper cartridges by sight and in such a packet is extremely difficult what i think i could be in the
packet is for the MOD 54 US Rifle 1855 3 of the ones in blue paper they also came in tan paper are the
Mod 1841 58 cal US rifled musket but these cartridges most likely contain the Wiilliams clean-out bullet
with Zink Washer attached to its base.The particular fact here is that these cartridges came in the blue
and tan paper.What ever this is a nice find.

Hi Sherryl,

Would it help if I take photos of a opened one ?

Regards, Michel

If you carefully feel the bullet base you will also feel the Williams clean-out washer about 1/16" of an inch away. It’s attached to the bullet base in the center & can be felt as a separate piece when felt from the outer edge / outside. No need to destroy an uncommon cartridge.

juno 44
The advise from PetedeCoux is proper and sufficient there is no point of taking one of these scarce
cartridges apart.

You could always place it in a condom and swallow it. The hospital will do an x-ray before they remove it and you’ll be able to see for sure then :)


Thank you all for your help it is highly appreciated. And yes, all the blue paper cartridges have a non ferrous washer at their base.

Regards, Michel