U.S. Lend-Lease 37mm tank casing. Need help ID'ing it


Found this 37mm U.S. shell casing piece on a field by my country house in Latvia (the former WW2 Eastern Front) while metal detecting.It’s quite uncommon to find a piece of military equipment that is from a country 8,000km away in your backyard :). All jokes aside I believe this one is from a M3 Stuart or M3 Lee as they both had served in the Soviet army during WW2 as part of the Lend-Lease program and both had 37mm guns. The previous owner of the house said that a couple of U.S. tanks rolled up from the forest next to the field ,and one of them took a direct hit from German artillery. I need help identifying the lot number and learning more about this shell.

The headstamp says ‘‘LOT 9662-5 (circle with a ‘‘X’’ through it) OL (or GL) 1942 37MM’’.


Here’s another picture:

The case looks pretty mangled because 1)It got mowed by a plow or 2) It took a direct hit from German artillery and the casing flew out of the tank.




Thank you!


I think I am in possession of such a round only this one seems to be a blank and has a green wood bullet
I can give you the headstamp the primer seating arraingement seems to be exactly the same as shown on your
picture I bought it as a 37mm anti Tank round.Here is the Stamp
MMM 16 45-23141-162 SMC 1943 outer primer ring HA 8094-36 M-23 A1 1942
I wish I could send pics but I am not able to for various reasons.