U.S. Maxim 37mm Belt from 2007 Who is JF?



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37mm Maxim MG belt
Here is a 20-round belt which might accomodate 37mm rounds.
The key question is to know whether this is a machine gun gun belt or some kind of bandoleer for the transport of the rounds for example with a quick firing gun.
For the picture only, I have inserted a French 37mm round which fits properly.

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Here are the pics again.

I don’t think it is a machine gun belt but probably some kind of device to carry the rounds.
Note that the two ends are different and on one end there are two knobs.

Not sure at all about the caliber, but at least the 37mm round fits OK.




Many thanks, it is certainly unusual in design but I think would work either way , I will look into this and see what I can find out…


Where did this come from if you know the original source.
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I am quite certain it is and would function as a Maxim 1 Pr feed belt, by whom and when is the issue. Not the factory supplied belt but a more locally made example
where light metal working was possible but supplies of a wider web type material as perhaps limited or not available but this other narrow type was on had.
I have my suspicions and have enquired, may take some time if the answer is known at all.