U.S. Military Headstamps

Is there anyone out there that can help me in finding a list of U.S Military 30-06 headstamps.Any help would be appreciated.

Best source would be Chris Punnett’s book on the .30-06. A copy might be available at the PA Cartridge Show in Lancaster, in August, or the Williamsport show in June. You could even get one directly from Chris.
Most of the headstamps you need will be found on the link on the IAA Home Page.
Let me know if you need any PA show info.


Actually, the best source of U.S. Military .30-06 headstamps is probably the late Jerry Marcello’s classic “.30-06 We Have Seen, Vol. II” This is an entire book of almost nothing but hundreds of wonderful .30-06 headstamp drawings by the master, E.L. “Gene” Scranton. The book also has a brief history of the caliber, plus its predecessors like the .30-03, etc.

Gene Scranton has, I think, the remaining inventory, and his contact information is in the IAA Fall 2007 Membership Directory.

Here is a WW II list that will get you started.