U.S. Navy 175mm gun system


Looking for some info on an experimental U.S. Navy 175mm gun system, probably circa 1950-1980, that used brass cartridge cases similar to the USN 8"/55 rapid fire guns.



That sparks a dim and distant memory. From what I recall, a debate on another (naval) forum many years ago concluded that it never existed and was probably a misunderstanding…what’s your source for this?


This casing has been on GB for a while. Was wondering about it myself.

gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt … =185240154


It’s a bit of a giveaway that he gives the measurement of the “open end” as just over 8 inches…I presume that this is for the final-model 8 inch autoloading guns of the Des Moines class cruisers. I expect that these might indeed have been used in Vietnam, but I’m sure that no modern 175mm gun ever saw USN service. He says that the headstamp says 175mm, but I can’t read that.

There was of course an army 175mm long-range gun in the Vietnam era, but that used bag charges rather than a metal cartridge case.


Base reads 175MM EX 1 MOD 0, which would be odd with the 8" case mouth. The Marines also had the 175 and were just phasing them out when I got into EOD.

The only thing I could postulate is that the Navy was trying to get a common projectile with the Corps and thinking they could re-barrel their Salem class cruisers, which, being separate loaded ammo, it would retain the dimensions to fit the chamber, though with a different charge weight appropriate to the round.


That would make sense, although I’ve never heard that such a gun was actually built.