U.S. Navy Mark 15 Mod 1 Combination Primers 1918


These are more or less typical of the combination (electric or percussion) primers used in Navy large guns well into the 1970s. The can is interesting, made from copper, and originally soldered shut. Label is from the U.S. Navy Torpedo Station, Newport, RI dated 1918 and the can originally held 24 primers, separated by a cardboard insert. Twenty two fired primers remain, one a very poor attempt at sectioning.
Heaststamps are:
T.S. [W in circle] [A in circle] 1918

Copper Storage Box for Primers, Bureau of Ordnance, U.S. Navy Drawing, 1901, WRA Co. Technical Drawing Collection


Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

Below are some relevant excerpts from the U.S. Navy Ammunition, Instructions for Naval Service, Ordnance Pamphlet No. 4, 1923-



Is there anywhere that those naval ordnance documents can be found? That would be a great piece of reference material.

That is also a really nice box of primers! Thanks for sharing.Preformatted text



Follow the link below for a PDF copy of OP-4, 1923: