U.S. Navy Ordnance 1893 and all other USN stuff

Catalog of the Exhibit of the United States Navy Department, World’s Columbian Exhibition, 1893.

They basically had one of everything they navy had on display, listed in this catalogue by the Navy Department responsible. The Ordnance Depart begins on page printed 143 and contiues through page 199. Many photos or drawings of various items, small arms, ammunition, cannons, shells, torpedoes, sights, etc.
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John, very cool, thanks!
But, a question. It states,
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So, how does one become a “Partner”? Do you need to be a librarian?

Yes, that is my understanding: only libraries and similar institutions can become “Partners”, not private persons like you and me.

That is what I thought, so maybe this might be of help…

“Conkeys Complete Guide to the Worlds Columbian Exposition.pdf”