U.s. pinfire id by pin dia


Pin dia. of Civil War era pinfire rounds as per Dean Thomas.
Sharps & Hankins - .068
Leet - .087
A & W - .088
M. Rea


Anyone have the pin diameter measurements for Ethan Allen, and unheadstamped UMC?

Now I know Allen started using that slightly longer case length that was mentioned in the previous thread about identifying these. That .770 case was also used by Leet. Since these were based on the Sharp’s patent (using the thicker base with the lead disk) would it be safe to assume that S&H cartridges also used that slightly longer length?

What about A&W’s length?

Also, did UMC only make them in the standard 12mm short?


My Ethan Allen’s(I assume it is since they are the only one’s I can find info on that had the 3 or 4 tick marks on bottom, and uses the “US length”) pin measure’s .083


My other unheadstamped pinfire that is using that “US Length” has a pin diameter of .085. It also has a noticeably longer and pointier bullet, as is shown becide the picture of my Ethan Allen on previous thread.