U12A steel hardness / 7n26 info?


Hey guys, looking at trying to put together a deal on some modern 7.62x54R AP. 7n26 & the Ukrainian equivilent. The core is listed as U12A tool steel & performance rated at 10mm armor plate at 200m.

Thats about all the info I can find. Does anyone have more info like the core hardness & specs on the armor plate they are testing these on?

Any help greatly appreciated.



By the bullets of the company “Stiletto” it’s a comrade “Kugel” (Inert ammo) you should wait, and the bullet of the cartridge BP (7N26) hardness of steel core of 67 units according to Rockwell (source Ruslan Chumak’s book “Russian 7.62 mm rifle cartridge”)


U12A hardness depends on how it is tempered.
The highest given figure is 62-64 HRC.

I am not sure now on Tungsten Carbide cores now like it is used in several Russian cartridges but there the hardness may be pretty uniform.
For details you may read the recent IAA bulletin article by Kevin Gross.


I’m not sure if I’m understanding you buddy. There’s a guy named stiletto I can buy bullets from?



No, Stiletto is a Ukrainian based company which is making/developing AP projectiles with TC cores.
Sure no sale to civilians and let alone a way to import them into the US.


No, it’s only about the information, I have not yet been able to buy these bullets for the war …)