UDC XM2A1 12.7x99 .50 BMG dummies. (Aluminum & Stainless Steel, 2 Different Headstamps)

I bought a couple of them, ended up getting different batches so that’s cool.


Yes, nice look :-).

What is UDC? I have one also but in 7.62 NATO! And some pix of some new members of my .50 BMG family


Never mind, I didn’t know Ultra Defense did ammo too. I knew them in the Mi-17 world…

Nice looking rounds, are they machined one-piece made of, what?



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Will IAA menbers get special head stamps, and a discount :wink: ?

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I like that idea!

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Badgerjack - yes 1 piece alum.


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I don’t think I can swing the custom headstamps. If I have a big run I will see if we can get enough intrest for a single custom stamp for a show. J


SLICS 2021 update on UDC made .50 dummies.

While most of these dummies have the headstamp " UDC 20 " there are a few that have the headstamp " MJC 20 ". The 3 letter code MJC is the old DOD code for a MAST facility located at Warrensburg, Missouri; USA. The letters MJC stood for MAST Johnson County, the county in the state of Missouri where the Warrensburg facility is located.

Also during the competiton to win the the contract to produce the new .50 BMG dummy, the DOD asked competators to produce sample dummies out of different metals. MAST/UDS produced, in additon to the aluminum dummies, some dummies made from stainless steel bar stock. Pictured below are examples of each, the accepted aluminum dummy next to the rejected stainless steel dummy. Both examples have the MJC headstamp. Additonal note: the DOD did not want nickel plated dummies.

MJC headstamp on an aluminum dummy, below.

.50 BMG Dummy, Aluminium, Headstamp MJC (UDC) 2020

MJC headstamp on a stainless steel dummy, below. These stainless steel examples are nonmagnetic.

.50 BMG Dummy, Stainless Steel, Headstamp MJC (UDC) 2020


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Brian, thanks!
I assume the stainless ones are not much around then?

There were several stainless steel .50 BMG (12.7x99) dummies available at the show. I managed to get one!:wink:

Well done!!

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I didn’t know about the stainless or the alternate headstamps. Hmmpf

I apologize to all for my crappy job of:

  1. Bringing all I had of interest to the show
    a) missed Alternative headstamps
    b) Missed alt colors, etc.

  2. Not clearly explaing all alternatives. There are/were in all 3 calibers. This was for development testing on the Army contract.
    a) Alum un-annodized
    b) Alum black Annodized
    c) Alum multiple color (grey light/ grey med/tan) annodize in 5.56 only. Differences in color were due to different vendors, different materials (at least 2) and different grades of annodize.
    d) Stainless steel
    e) This was all happening when the Sale from MAST to UDC was in play. We used the old MAST Warrensburg, MO ID of MJC - MAST Johnson County (MO) and then changed to the UDC (Ultra Defense Corp - Warrensburg, MO location. Now there is a Grain Valley Office Warehouse and Kingsville, MO, too. I’m not sure if we have USG ID for those yet.

  3. The stainless .50’s - I brought 3 to the show. I am supposed to have more. I just don’t know if they have been grabbed by other members of UDC or lost in a box somewhere. If there is an interest I could approch vendor for another run. I am guessing it would need to be at least 50 to 100 pieces. I don’t know the cost. I’m sure the company would buy part for the shelf - the interest in these has been unexpected. Maybe a 2022 SLICS headstamp?

  4. I have reports with photos - I will be writing an article for Keith P for .50 cal mag that covers what we did and why. I do need to get clearance to release information.



That is quite OK Jay, you can bring full sets next year when I make my third attempt at attending my first SLICS!

Traditionally there has been a special cartridge made for SLICS, not done this year due to obvious economic concerns. Maybe, if Aaron resurrects that tradition for 2022 it might be something along these lines.

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I got one signed at SLICS

Also in picture is old BELL 416 Rigby Proof (signed by Jim Bell) along with 7.62x51 (Al and stainless), 5.56x45 (stainless and coated Al) and 9x19

I’m in for 5 of the stainless steel .50’s, if you need to make more. I bet others would be interested too, considering some of the aluminum sold on GB and you practically emptied a big box of the aluminum just at SLICS !

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