UEE SFM 7.65 Br

UEE SFM 7.65 Browning box.
What date would you put on this for manufacture?6565 a65 bjpg65 c65 d65 e65 f

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Early Spanish 7,65 Browning cartridges (UEE-SFM brand)
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Oct 2010


Oct '10

This box must date from before 1917 because that year a decree was passed ordering that all the ammunition boxes had to bear a tax stamp, which is lacking here.

The top cover says Taller de carga: Madrid, which means Loading shop: Madrid.

I believe that these cartridges were loaded in Madrid from SFM primed cases. I am not so sure about the bullets because they have a somewhat crude knurling.

Some cartridges in the box have longitudinal scratches in their cases, as if they had been put thru a die.


Oct '10

What a beautiful, classic old box! I have never seen one before. I agree completely that the cartridge was
not loaded at SFM. With over 1,000 variations of 7.65 mm Browning in my collection, I naturally have a
wide selection of variants with the * S.F.M * GG headstamp, and none have a bullet like that or anything
similar. I have never seen one of the cartridges before, either. Thanks for posting it.


Oct '10

If one day you find ctges with sfm hstp and loaded in Barcelona it means they were loaded by Gevelot .
Indeed they had a subsidary in Barcelona


Nice info, I just didn’t know that. Did the Barcelona branch operate under the Gevelot name?



I have an other (unfortunatelly empty) box from UEE. It does not show the same sign of UEE as on this boxes here, but Shows the UEE sign on the Tax?? Overlabel.
I Show the top and base, as also the 4 sides of the box:, first the side Labels:

and here Top:

and bottom:

As it has a tax–or Explosiv-Stamp, it must be after 1917…


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