Ugandan 7.62x39

Since I got reminded about Ugandan 7.62x39 made by Luwero Industries I’d like to ask which hs, case variations and loads are known. Anybody?

There is at least a “LI 02”.
Others are reported but I have no proof for: “LI 91” and “LI 04”.


Did they make any other calibers that you know of.

We knew Kenya made ammo including 9x19 for quite a few years but none were documented. Then a number of KOF and KOFC cases showed up on ARES reloads!!!



Alex, Ugandan “LI 92” headstamp is reported also. I’ll try to find a picture.

Here is a picture of the confirmed “LI 02” headstamped cartridge loaded by Luwero Industries Ltd of Nakasongola:

Lew, here is an interesting report on Kenyan ammunition manufcaturing capability (December 2010):

“With assistance from FN Herstal of Belgium (1996), Kenya has domestic capacity to produce small arms and ammunition. The bullet factory’s capacity is 20,000-60,000 bullets per day, while local consumption is about two million bullets per year. Kenya refuses to open up its factories for independent verification of their facilities despite ratifying the UN Arms Trade Treaty. The factory produces three types of bullets, namely, 9mm ammunition for the FN35 Browning pistol and the Sterling, Uzi or H&K MP5 submachine guns used by the armed forces; 7.62x51mm for the FNFAL and the G3, the main rifles used by the armed forces; and 5.56mm ammunition, used by the Kenya police. The factory does not have the capacity to manufacture ammunition for the AK-47, the most popular assault rifle in the region”.

Lew, unfortunately I have no info on Ugandan 9x19, wish it would be different and if so I would have forwarded you anything I might have had.

Fede, yes, that one I was aware of (guess it is the same image). Looking forward to see more

I just got proof of “LI 04” (also “mirrored” since the bunter got made by an obviously unexperienced operator) and “LI 06”.

EOD, The “02” on the “LI 02” headstamp sure looks like the bunter at least was made in China from the shape of the numerials!


Page 15 of the book here says that the Nakasongola factory was set up by the Chinese, but only mentions 7.62x39 for a caliber produced:

There is some good info on other African ammo producers in that link as well

I wonder why it says Nakasongola as the Ugandan industry directory is giving an address in Kampala.

Either the UN is getting suspicious (no wonder) or the link just died.

I don’t know why the link died. I found it by just googling the phrase: 9x19 nakasongola and it was the second result, shown as a pdf. Here is a link from that same page which seems to work as a quick-view:

According to Jane’s Sentinel Country Risk Assessments the Ugandan Ministry of Defence owns and operates Luwero Industries Limited, a subsidiary of the National Enterprise Corporation (NEC) established in 1989 by an Act of Parliament as the commercial arm of the Defence Forces

I downloaded and saved the report yesterday. Am glad to send it by email to anyone who is having trouble downloading it.


I need the following details for my 7.62x39 Master List CD for the LI headstamped rounds:

Case Material
Bullet Weight
Bullet Material
Bullet Core
Case Mouth Color
Primer Material
Primer Annulus Color

Thanks for the help.

Lew–I would appreciate a copy of that report you downloaded. Thanks.

Fede, did you happen to find that 1992 hs?

Alex, no picture this time, sorry!