UHV Wildcats

Does anyone know of a source or a link to anywhere that could give me an up to date figure for the current highest achieved velocity?

I believe its in the region of 5300 fps but I cannot Google up anything to confirm it.


This is a subject that has been discussed and cussed on every shooting forum that I have visited. I have yet to read a definitive answer. I believe that there are many answers. It all depends on your criteria. If you are talking about a conventional situation of bullet, cartridge case, rifled barrel, progressive burning powder, etc, then the answer is that the bullet cannot exceed the speed of the expansion of the gasses. That velocity can be calculated - it’s simple physics - but don’t ask me for the formula.

Lookee here


Good luck.


Thanks Ray, Thats a very good link and exactly what I needed.


Where has that link been all my life ?

(when you need a little something to read on a plane!)

how accurate is this chaps info?



Pepper - About how accurate this guy’s information is on that web site, I looked at some where I feel I am very qualified to judge them, and at others where I know something, after 60 years of shooting, about them. They are some of the clearest and most accurate explanations I have read.

Of course, no one is right all the time, but of the things I read, I can fault none of them.

There were plenty of subjects I was not qualified to judge, and as I have time I will read all of them, as I suspect that this person (or persons - everyone uses “out sources” to compile the whole story) knows his stuff! Maybe I can learn something about subjects that I haven’t explored, or that all of the explanations I had in the past were so complicated they went over my head. I’m not the smartest cat in the alley, and plenty old fashioned and set in my ways, but this site’s explanations are pretty easy to follow, even for someone of limited intellect like myself.

I have had Froggy’s site on my favorite list for some time now. There is a lot of good stuff there. But, keep in mind that it is the Internet. As Ronald Reagan would say, “Trust, but verify.”

I have not looked lately to see what is new. If anyone sees something that may be of interest to us collectors, post a link.

Has anyone counted the number of pages? Or, read them all?