UK Ammunition Collection

Dear Group, please excuse my direct approach following a search on Google.

I am a firearms dealer based in the UK and we have secured a substantial collection of ammunition. There are some very unusual pieces in the collection as well as volume of antique ammunition all in original packaging and some in hand soldered tin packaging.

It is exceptionally interesting to the collector and we wish to find a home for it, ether through an individual or through auction.

We appreciated that shipping could be an issue but would welcome any comments or feed back from a group such as yours.



I hope your inbox doesn’t overload !!!


shipping to US is a no-go. Believe me, we are a large group of collectors who visit shows at both sides of the pond and the only way to get items over is via secured luggage (11 pounds max).
One option could be the International ECRA show in September in Germany (pm me for details).
But as others said, some pictures would be useful to set expectations

There is an established collecting fraternity here in the UK. I can think of several outlets through which you could sell your collection without going to the hassle & expense of trying to export it. In normal times there are two ECRA meetings held at Bisley and you would easily sell it there. I would alternatively suggest Holt’s auctioneers although they will not take Section 5 ammunition. There are several private collectors who might be interested in buying part or all of it.

Try Southams Auctions . Based at Bedford. They sell guns and ammunition.

That is not so easy is it looks anymore.

The entrance to the international show in Germany is for members (ICRA, IAA) only.

Because there was a Brexit, you also need a Dutch “Consent van in en uitvoer” for driving with ammunition true the Netherlands to Germany. There is a custom now between the UK and the Netherlands.

Hi Dutch, can you provide any information on where and how we apply for the ‘Consent van in en uitvoer’ please. I hope to attend the German show in September if it is on. Also is it required if we travel with only completely inert ammo. Thanks Ian

Hi Ian

pls send me your email address per PM.
I sent the whole procedure to some czech collectors last year.
I’ll forward the mail to you


Hi Rene, email sent. thanks Ian

mail arrived, will answer tomorrow