UK Baton Rnds

Just got these…far from my knowledge base. I was able to ID them as UK baton rounds, but that’s as far as I got. Can anyone provide historical context, scarcity, worth?

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Jonny, the cartridge on the right is an L21A1 Baton Round, introduced in 2001 to replace the L5A7. It was a big advance in technology, using a smokeless, flashless ‘Hi-Lo’ system to propel the plastic solid baton (as opposed to the L5A7’s Black Powder load). Concerns were raised about penetration & ricochet issues, so it was replaced in 2005 by the L60A1 Attenuated Energy Projectile (the L60A2 is the current issue). It has a polyurethane plug inside a rubber jacket with an air void in the nose. It is designed to flatten at the tip of it hits a hard part of the body such as the skull or sternum, and spread the energy over a wider surface area to reduce risk of serious injury. Both are reasonably easy to get hold of on-line. Your L21A1 baton should be seated much lower. Pete.
Here are some sectioned cartridges. Left an L5A7, centre an L21A1, right an L60A1.

Jon, both your rounds are made in Germany by Pyrotechnik Silberhütte (part of Rheinmetall).

Thanks all.

Jon, funny notes you are taking btw. :-))

Muskey arent the L21 and L60 for the rifled H&K launchers?

EOD, yes, they’re fired in what the UK refers to as the L104A1. It’s basically the H&K 40mm grenade launcher re-barrelled to 38mm, Pete.

Pete, thanks for the correct weapon designation!

My, aren’t you the little spy, Alex!
I put notes on my desk sideboard, and also take quick pics there for the light. That’s just a book list. You should be more interested in what’s in the squarish box on the right!

The L60A2 is the current issue for UK military and UK Police.

When the L60A1 replaced the L21A1 as the round for operational use, existing stocks of L21A1 were authorised for training and familiarisation use only. They were not to be used for operational qualifying or zeroing shoots.

The L21A1 should be 115mm OAL.

Primetake made a training use only variant of the L21A1. The cases were single use, but the batons were returned to Primetake and reloaded in new cases as a cost saving measure.

Both the L21 and L60 rounds are for use only in the 37mm L104A1 riot gun fitted with the L18 sight.

Jon, nah, just making sure to have a wide horizon. And now you sound like the Russians when I dealt with them. :-)

Ok, what is in that squarish box? I thought about that before for about 1 millisecond.

This an image of the Primetake solution for a cost effective training round beside an L21A1.

From my article I linked to earlier:

From left to right: 37x122R (rubber bullet round), 37x122R (L5A4 plastic baton round), 37x104R (L21A1 plastic baton round), 37x104R (current L60A1 AEP), 37x112RB (37mm Arwen round - now made in Canada and USA), 40x46SR (Rheinmetall sponge baton), 40x46SR (Brugger & Thomet composite baton), 43x30 (Russian VG-93 - actually a practice round, but the solid plastic projectile would make a good baton!), 44x83R (French Flash-Ball), 56mm projectile (SAE Alsetex)

These batons are designed to be fired at the abdomen and legs (the latter particularly at short range), as there is a risk of serious and potentially fatal injury if they hit the chest or, especially, the head. The normal operating range for a baton round is 20-40m, but they may be fired at much shorter ranges in an emergency. Over the period 1970-2005 some 125,000 baton rounds were fired in Northern Ireland. These resulted in 17 deaths, the last being in 1989. This works out at an average of ten rounds per day and one death every two years, or a death rate of 0.0136%.

Pete, what do you know about the two L21A1 on the left in the photos?
They have AAA on the reverse, the PSH one has BBB.
One of the AAA has ICK 01-00 001 stencilled on it.

I’ve found a couple of different printing variants on the Primetake rounds, both from 2014.

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Hi, I’ve seen all these variations, and I believe the following is the situation. AAA, BBB, & CCC (seen on L60 cases) relate to the case supplier. If you look at the style / colour of printing, the letters tie in with these pre-printed details, & then the loading facility will generally print their identifying letters, loading date, and lot number below the pre printed details.

ICK, which I believe was a British loading facility, generally seem to have used cases from AAA, whereas the German loaded cartridges seem to have generally used cases from BBB (& CCC in the L60). However, an interesting variation is your middle case, from AAA, but with no loading details on the case wall. I have one of these, and although an AAA case, it has the German loading facility & lot number (but no date) ink stamped on the case head (see above). Hope this helps! Pete.

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p.s., an early L21A1 (load detail PSH01/00, 003, which I photographed above beside the Primetake Training round) is German, but has used an AAA case also.

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Thank you Pete, useful info.

FWIW…my L60A2 is from “CCC” and the L21A1 is from “BBB”.

Is there any info as for who “ICK” is?