UK collecting, regulations pertaining to

Only directly relevant to collectors of ammunition in the UK but probably an indication of the way the world is moving for everyone else now the UN has poked its nose into international control of small arms and ammunition. … RA&id=1273


This is the draft of an ACPO advisory document and is actually quite “user friendly” to UK cartridge collectors.

It is quite helpful in determining the amount of ammo that may be held on a Firearms Certificate before the Explosives Acts come into force.

With regard to the UN, the latest conference on the proposed Arms Trade Treaty ended in disagreement, but the text of the (unagreed) treaty was then introduced to the General Assembly and passed, as it only needed a simple majority. Only three nations voted against, Iran, North Korea and Syria. Now you know who your friends are!

The treaty will come into force 90 days after the fiftieth country has ratified it (which may take years). Also it is very vague so has been passed to the UN legal Directorate for clarification.


The bigger problem I forsee may be keen clay shooters who buy cartridges by the pallet load to get discounts.