UK Firearms laws "need overhaul" say UK authorities

Just a warning to UK collectors. From recent news stories, the opinion of the government is that firearms laws “need overhaul”. Of course we all know that this really means they want to bring in yet more restrictions.

This is something to watch out for, as “reforms” in gun laws are never good news. The Home Office could easily decide that “there is no need to own deadly armour piercing or incendiary ammunition”. They could also decide that collecting is no longer a valid “good reason” to be issued a Firearms Certificate.
The Director of Forensic Services for the Metropolitan Police, Gary Pugh OBE, said:

“In our view, the legislation regarding examination and classification of firearms (including ammunition) has developed piecemeal, such that as problems emerge new legislation or amendments are introduced on top of the existing legislation, making for a complex and inefficient means of protecting the public and prohibiting the illegal use of firearms.[/i]

US forum members: Have a read of these articles from a Liberal UK newspaper. This is in line with the majority public opinion in this country.

According to the figures here: the firearms homicide rates in England & Wales over the past several years are half of what they were from around 2001 / 2002, to say nothing of the higher rates of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s and have been declining, to an astonishingly low 30-something per year. 30 firearms homicides is like one month in Chicago alone. The notion of a firearm & ammo “problem” in the UK seems puzzling - to say the least.

One of the links to the Guardian newspaper shows photos of pistols and revolvers, both of which were banned by law and confiscated from legal owners years ago. They are only commonly used by criminals nowadays. The paper does not point out that the photos are not representative of the UK of course.


To me it just seems like an excuse to introduce more creeping gun laws.

Just renewing my FAC and for the first time in 53 years I was asked to produce a letter from my GP to say I am medicaly fit to own a firearm.
Cost me £40.00

There have also been cases of the police asking for names and details of the certificate holder’s friends. This is not an official legal requirement.

I’m not sure how true the next story is, but I read it on a UK gun forum. When someone renewed their certificate, the police had a look at the friends list on their facebook page. Some of the people on the list were known to the police as being involved in criminal activity. This was apparently sufficient to show that the FAC holder had criminal connections. Because of this, the police refused to renew the certificate.