UK - Privately owned 155mm Howitzer and projectile


I went to a military vehicle show in Horndean on our South Coast yesterday and had a look at this. This is fully intact, and owned on a UK Firearms Certificate. If primers and propellant could be located then it is ready to use. The owner said he was trying to locate some primers to make copied from the fire blank charges. He said he bought it for £5000 which I didn’t think was too bad. It was supposedly supplied to Italy after WW2, then found its way to Yugoslavia. After the 1990s war it was bought by an arms dealer who shipped it back to the UK. It then stood outside for a few years until the current owner bought it. QWe can’t own a .22 pistol here but can own a 155mm Howitzer. Makes no sense really.

Just to make this ammunition related, the projectile he had on display:


Actually Falcon the law here in the UK makes no differential on size. Its just that something that big blows the mind of people who want to restrict the likes of us from owning a .22 rifle to shoot squirrels that are killing the trees in our back yard.
If you want to push the limit do it in style and you will, as shown, get away with it. Good luck to him.


They just sold that same 155mm, two man, projectile carrier cradle on EBAY here in the US a few weeks ago. Your photo is only the 2nd time I have ever seen that device. That Howitzer is awesome.



You can put a .22 in your pocket. With this item you have some problems. -:)