Uknown cartridge case

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I really don’t know what is…this cartridge case…

Hunting one…? Any related to WW2…?

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11.4x60R Romanian M1879 Henry Martini.

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  • 12 o’clock : 87… probably thed year of production… 1887 ?
  • 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock : M (Martini Henry) 1879 and
  • 6 o’clock : L …what is this…? The mark of the factory ? Which one ?

Yes, your assumptions are correct.
According to my notes, “L” stands for Kynoch production, although i have not been able to confirm this so far.

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Not knowing the length of your case I’m not sure if this helps but page 172 of “The Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers” by CW Harding has a similar headstamp for a 11.4 x 49R Roumanian Martini Henry.

12 o’clock - 81
3 o’clock - 79
6 o’clock - 1 (as opposed to L)
9 o’clock - M

Is it definitely an “L” at the 6 o’clock position?



Happy New Year , John!

Romanian M79`s were chambered in 11.4x60R , the 11.4x49R is for the Romanian M1868 Peabody. I would be quite surprised to see a 11.4x49R with the M79 headstamp, as from my knowledge it would chamber but WOULD NOT be compatible with the M79 rifle.

Also, all the “L” stamped casings i have seen are made in 1887. I also have a photo from a russian forum with a 1881 case marked with “1” which can be clearly distingushed from the “L”.