Ukrainain 9x19 box

Just receive this damaged box from the local shotting range. But, in any way, hope this picture will be interesting for 9x19 collectors
For a pitty I have no one round from this box, only factory Dummy, which is similar to that rounds.

Funny how Ukrainian uses “Naboie” ( which is similar to the Polish and Czech words for “Cartridge” rather than the other Slavic term, “Patronnyi” ( as used in Russian and Bulgarian)…Serbian uses “metak”: different again.

Nice packet, and ammo pics.
Doc AV

We use both terms, because we live between Poland and Russia:)

As you can see on the Ukrainian language side:

50 набоїв =50 cartridges

патрон =cartridge
з кулею зі свінцевим осердям =with lead core bullet

Interesting that Lugansk plant use for all it’s cartridges the same warranty - only 3 years. I don’t know why they decided to use such period.

Great item and headstamp. Many thanks!!!


Today I got another one empty Ukrainian box for 9x19
The design was the same as posted above, but lot # was early Y02. Interesting that Date of manufacturing for both boxes is the same/

It isn’t surprising that Czech would prefer a Slavic root for “cartridge” rather than borrow the German “Patrone” as the Czech language tends to use words of Slavic source in favor of those almost internationally universal terms like “music” and “theater” (and their equivalents in various languages). Jack