Ukraine 9mm PA many new(er) Headstamps

There have been many, many new 9mm PA blank cartridges coming out of the Ukraine. Some of these photos are very poor and I am hoping maybe someone in Europe can provide better pics or info. Sharing all the newer ones for those interested.

**mac 9mm backwards mac 9mm pa **
GosNIIHP “State Scientific-Research Institute of Chemical Products”, Shostka, Suma Region, Ukraine
ae 9mm ae9 9mm nc9 9mm nc9 9MM1 **
JV Schmeisser VTK, Ltd., Kiev, Ukraine
** bin 9mm pa

Reads BIN 9MM P.A. Iris, Kiev, Ukraine. Made for them by Hunter Arms, Ukraine. Hunter uses an HsA headstamp shown at bottom.
rn 9MM
Aska LLC, Kiev, Ukraine.
**sa9 new rez safari 9mm pa **
Safari Dnipro, Ukraine
**sobr 9mm pa **
Sobr-Zbroya, Vasilkivska, Ukraine.
**sara stars 9mm pa **
Sara Arms, Odessa, Ukraine
**PNCb1 rez **
Lynx Brand by TOV “RISIS PIVDEN”, Nikolaev, Ukraine
**coba n 9mm rez **
Coba Armory, Kiev, Ukraine.
**opt t 9mm pa **
FORT SOE SIA. Science Industrial Association. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Vinnitsa, Ukraine.
**hsa 9mm pa1 **
Hunter Arms, Kiev, Ukraine

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Hey. I have some photos from my old article on traumatic cartridges.
Kiev company NPP Ecolog (НПП Эколог).Teren mark

Teren + Fort (Vinnitsa) Revolver non-lethal cartridges


State Research Institute of Chemical Products. Shostka.

Headstamp MAC
Cases (brass and steel) were produced from 7.62x25 TT cases. Turning method.
You can see on one of the photos the remains of the old stigma of the Tula plant 539.


State-owned scientific and production association “Fort” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Vinnitsa
ФОРТ + ТФ-logo in triangle.

“red” case - its copper plated steel. Cases made for FORT in russian Novosibirsk cartridge plant.


Andrey, great addition, thanks a lot!

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Schmeisser company.
Since 2009, split into two other Schmeissers.
AE - AE9 - ПС9

The company Erma. Kievтравматические-пнд/
HS – ПНД-9

IBIS company. Kiev.
Early experimental case. HS - ВIЙ


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