Ukraine 9x19 HS's (new too)

Found a new case type production LCW (Lugansk Cartridge Works, Ukrainian logotip- ЛПЗ.). Was a surprise for me. The first time I see this in Ukraine. Never received information from LCW production brass ammo or cases after 2009. Boxer primer.
I think it’s a very interesting HS.

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Lugansk Patronnyi Zavod LGZ would be a better description.

Isn’t Lugansk in the disputed “Eastern Ukraine” Area under the Pro-Russian Rebels?

Doc AV

Inertammo - that headstamp came to the US under the “WARTAK” brand, although in tiny quantity. I think the shipment perhaps actually went to Canada, with a trickle finding its way into the USA. However, that was on steel cases. First I have heard of brass case ammo from Lugansk is your posting here.

Is the factory still operating. Last we heard here is that is had been taken over by a separatist group calling themselves the “Lugansk Republic.” We also heard that Russia had stopped supplying them with bimetal for bullet jackets and case production.

Of course, we get so little mention in our news media of the Ukraine situation that it is hard to know what is true and what isn’t. After days of stories about the downed airliner taking up all the news, coverage of that ended like turning off a water faucet.

Thanks for keeping us up to date on the ammo. Hope all is well with you and our other Ukrainian friend…

Great item my friend! Many thanks…


Doc - Isn’t it “Patronniy” rather than “Patronnyi”? Also, the transliteration of the factory initials would be LPZ and not LGZ, with the official Western Alphabet translation of LCW, for Lugansk Cartridge Works.

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MY Typo…finger-Poken Keyboard…
Doc AV

“LCW” as used in some headstamps and the regarding full name “Lugansk Cartridge Works” is the official English name the company is using.

Yes, the factory is located in the disputed area (actually Lugansk is one of the 2 self proclaimed capitals of the 2 “new republics” which together for “Novorossia” what is like “New-Russia”).
I am very sure the Ukrainain government “took measures” to assure that the factory will not produce anything as long as they are not controlling te area.

Let them be here. Headstamp Z 9mm LUGER.
Made in Ukraine. Taken from here.

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Cn someone translate the box? This is a shooting club and I doubt they made their own ammunition.

Hi All

Translating the box;

A sports and shooting club in Zaporizhia. HS " Z " it may be from the name of the city of Zaporizhia.
web -



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