Ukrainian 9x19mm SNAIL cartridges

Last night Matt (DK Configuration) and I were looking at some Libra Snail information, and I finally took a hard look at the photo below.

I received this photo from another collector about 5 years ago who found it somewhere on the internet. I had saved it with my other SNAIL information, and thought it was interesting that the signs were in Russian and that the store seemed to be selling Snail cartridges and cellphones. I know a lot more about Snail cartridges now and the first thing that struck me about the photo was that these loads were not like any Snail cartridges I had seen. The bullet shape is somewhat different (at least the yellow, red and blue bullets), and some are loaded is steel cases!!!

The second thing that struck me was that the printed material had a “T” logo instead of the Libra “L” logo and the words “Libra” and “Snail” did not appear!!!

We went on a google search and the term “Luger Tacko” turned up an article that mentioned the Tasko Corporation in the Ukraine (5/2B Yaroslavska Strasse, 04071 Kiyev) and also mentioned they offer “and 9-mm high penetration cartridges Luger Tacko” I later found their website [] Which says they make 9x19mm with a lead core bullet.

It sure looks like Tasko was producing a copy of the Snail bullet, or perhaps loading Snail bullets they bought from Libra.

The more I look at the display I think it may be from some kind of trade show, but why the cellphones in the same display-though the printed material for both is similar!

Can anyone tell us more about this company and their ammo production???

What headstamp do they have on their ammunition???

Has anyone ever seen, or seen other references to their “high penetration cartridges Luger Tacko”???

Can anyone tell me where the photo above was taken???

I wish I had looked harder at the photo when I got it five years ago.

Any help/advise/information appreciated.



Well, it happened again. I spent twenty minutes on the computer research this topic for Lew, and then ten minutes writing out what I found (not that much), and posted it. I got a page that was titled “The website is too busy to show the webpage” along with opitions of refreshing the page or going back to my answer page. Doing either found the reply page now empty, with my work gone.

This is not my imagination folks, and the message tells me it is not my computer. It was in the Forum format.

If this can’t be resolved, there is no point to using this Forum. It just causes hours of lost work.

John Moss

I’ve had this happen before - what John has described, rarely though. It usually happens when I write a very long message and leave it open for quite a while before sending. Sometimes the internet provider or the account login or whatever will “time out” and lose information that has been put in entry fields like a forum message. I’ve gotten into the habit of highlighting and copying these sorts of long messages before trying to send them just in case I lose it. This way if it happens, I can back up, paste it, and try again. It happens to me sometimes in webpage driven email message senders like the system that Ebay uses to send a message to other Ebay members.

Lew - After looking closely at the photo and zooming in; on the text just above the cartridges there is a chart that shows 2.9 and 6.5 weights, which is the same as the original Snails, and also the aluminum looking one with no paint must just be one of the lighter 2.9’s with paint removed. I think the different colors are just repaints to match the Ukrainian flag. Still can’t be 100% sure if they are reworked Czech Snails or identical Ukrainian copies though.

DK, That is a good thought! When I went back and looked and compared them, the unpainted items and the black one all could be normal Snail bullets. Clearly they were loaded by Tasko because of the steel cases. I had not made the connection with the colors to the flag.

Would love to know what the headstamp is on those cartridges!!!



I wonder if any of the Russian-speaking forum users could translate the image below. Normally I would use Google translator, but I can’t make out all of the fuzzy letters. The image is from the title of a promo sheet in the upper left corner of the above image. Hopefully somebody can discern what is written based on the partially readable text:


It says:

9mm cartridges LUGER TASKO
with high AP effect

(literal translation)

I was going back and restoring some images Photobucket screwed up and and ran across this post. I decided to retry it since we have added quite a few active members in the last 10 years! The TASKO photo is from about 15 years ago, but someone may remember them!

Any help appreciated.


PS: incase Photobucket screws this image up again, here is one that will save in our system.

Lew, nothing new here I fear. This was just an attempt for a proxy sales platform which was outside European arms export control. Libra ran into legal issues with these (attempted export to Iraq before it got “liberated” - from what ever) in their home country and it all ceased.
I guess new members will not re-write history.

Their current ammo listing:

Lew, if you are going to replace Photobucket links there is an option to avoid watermarked images.

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