UK's new "Dirty Harry" 5.56x45mm Bullet


It appears that the UK is developing a new hollow core 5.56 bullet that will be more deadly against Taliban fighters. … -22505771/


The Daily Mirror is not at the top end of the journalistic ladder and does a lot of flag waving along the lines of “lets hear it for the boys, we support you”.

This almost certainly has truth but I can’t be sure how much because they are inclined to publish ‘good news’ stories to boost moral and of course, sell more papers. You only have to look at the list of other stories to the right of the main article to see that.

The bullet as illustrated couldn’t possibly have a void as big as the one shown but that is probably just an illustration to build the story.

The 5.56mm round has had a lot of bad press generally but I have some doubts as to whether they could mass produce a bullet as complcated as the illustration within cost and at the required levels. We will have to see.


That story is flawed on so many levels I don’t know where to begin…

But, a hollow steel core design like the one shown would make that bullet about 25 grains… Hardly more lethal or giving it more range…



Work has been going on for some time on a lead-free, steel-cored bullet (I have heard it referred to as L2A3), although nothing more than that has been officially released. Frankly I doubt that it will make a huge difference to lethality because it will not expand (like the MK318) or fragment (like the M855A1).

The diagrams are ridiculous. Even the one of the existing bullet is wildly inaccurate, and the new one makes no sense.


Most information reported about firearms in the UK press is absolute nonsense.