Ultra- or Omni Shok


Who can tell more about these items?
Purpose, use, manufacturer, obsolete etc.

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These were produced in the mid-1980’s. by Ultra-Shok. It is just a standard stainless steel philips head screw used as a wedge to peel back the bullet into “wings” for for flesh damage. Never shot any, so I have no idea how effective they were.


They were supposed to be a “do-all” (hence “Omni”, I guess; all the rounds I’ve seen for sale were marked as “Omni-Shocks”) self-defense cartridge, that combined armour-piercing ability with expansion; the hardened screw gives it a certain amount of AP penetration, while the lead slug itself is quartered to about 3/4 of the way down, so when the screw is driven back into the slug, the 4 leaves open up like the 4 blades of a propellor. You’ve got the earlier type they put out; the later ones used a screw that was painted bright red (who knows why?) to do the same. There’s a complete and sectioned example of the later type at the far right in this photo:


Thank you all for your input.



Found some pict’s at the Dutch forum from Michel Bergman and Jan Meulenbeek