Ultra rare "hammer-onto-a-round" cartridge


This is the only known surviving “hammer-onto-a-cartridge” round. In this test a hammer was used to smack a round downwards and if a round exploded, the hammer passed this test and was accepted by US Army in “ready-for-battle” condition.

If there is such a thing as IAA comedy police, I plea guilty.


Vlad - funny! Some people will believe it!


I have a serious add-on. How come whatever hit this bullet did not drive it deeper into the cartridge? The primer is not hit. Headstamp: Super Speed 35 REM.



So these “warhammers” are the newest weapon in the fight against terrorism? The army must be running out of money.
About the bullet maybe it was melted slightly or had a super tight crimp?



As interesting as that is, it is not completely accurate as I found another rare “HAMMER ROUND”.

On a more serious note, you have to have major cajonies to slam a hammer into a live shell :-) I happen to love shooting the 35 REM. Great bullet with extreme kickback. At least when fired from a old Marlin Lever Action. The 35’s sitting on my desk are head stamped 35REM R-P. Have no clue what that means.

PS: I like the melting or heating therory.


APFSDS, “R-P” Stands for “Remington-Peters”, and is a common headstamp. Remington absorbed the bankrupt Peters ammunition company in the early 20th Century. This headstamp has been in use since 1960. Someone else may be able to say more precisely when it was made if they saw a photo/scan of the headstamp.


Thanks so much Falcon! I know very little about the smaller rounds. It is all very facinating.