Ultrashock .45acp and .38spl

Shown below are a few photos of some .45 auto and .38 special “Ultrashock”, which was the original prototype version of what later became “Omnishock”. The Ultrashock was mostly found in .38spl and I had not even heard of the .45 auto until I recently found a batch with 2 package types. The wooden box is very rare, and the Ultrashocks were eventually packed in MTM plastic wallets with sticker labels, and then later became Omnishock. The Ultrashocks all have steel screws in the projectiles and something appears to have been put into the screw head but I can’t make it out - little bits of something.

The label on the Wooden box is interesting, giving a name of “Ultra Shock Defensive Ammunition Co” out of La Canada, California.

The .38spl box:

I found my one wooden pack, and one plastic wallet of the .45 auto stuff on Gunbroker (paid too much for them), and these were probably sourced from this person on Calguns who likely had no idea what they had:
You never know what you’ll find on Gunbroker or the internet…

Great find!!! I’d been told that the early Omnishock had steel screws (including in 9mm) but have never seen or heard of an actual specimen. Maybe they were really 9mm Ultrashock.


I have to ask - what’s the screw supposed to do?

Dennis, when fired the rotation was supposed to cause the screw to thread its way through the bullet thereby expanding into a fan-like configuration (as seen in Omnishock ads).

This sounds even more unlikely than the stuff discussed under the ELP Thread!


Lew, I forgot to mention one detail, the expanding was supposed to happen when the bullet strikes a target, but this is probably unlikely as well.

I purchased the second batch that went up on Gunbroker. The stuff in the screw head and in the slits in the side of the bullets appears to be tumbler media. I have slight rusting in the ones that have it stuck in the steel screw. It looks like it has ran its course, so I left it the way it is.
I wondered where this stuff pop up from.
Thanks, Joe