Ulyanovsk 7.62x54r production


Did the Soviet/Russian factory at Ulyanovsk (factory code “3”) manufacture 7.62x54r cartridges after 1945? There is a website regarding this caliber claiming that Uly ended production of this caliber in 1969. I’ve never seen any information to substantiate this claim.



I’m guessing Ted got that from the table in the back of the Chumak book. I have no idea if I’m reading the chart right but that’s what it appears to say.


You would think that at least one post-1945 headstamp would have turned up by now…



I agree. I looked around after you posted that and I can’t find any reference to anyone having one.


According to this uaz.ru/company/history/item1/1941/ the factory was moved from Moscow to Ulyanovsk in 1941 and ammo production started in early 1942. Unfortunately, this website is more concerned with auto production (they just don’t know what they are missing in ammo). I’ll try to research a bit more.