UMC 2004 100-round Box

Since it’s not included in the excellent “Dating Cartridge Boxes by Remington” reference, I provide a picture of the only UMC 100-round Value Pack box I’ve ever seen.

When I got it, it was almost entirely covered with red duct tape. Anyway, print date is 2/04 (February 2004) and lot number is in the first half of 2004. shows this as being in stock. Maybe it is an exclusive item to them as far as box style and quantity? All of the other places online show the green box for value packs from Remington

We see the yellow UMC boxes so seldom out here now that I thought the brand had folded. While I don’t recall
seeing the 100 round pack in any caliber other than 9 mm, they probably exist. In the Remington greeen and white version, they exist in several different loadings of 9 mm, as well as .40 S&W and .45 Auto.

UMC also marketed a 250 round pack, and I have those in 9 mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 Auto.

I don’t think they have ever been exclusive to “Cheaper Than Dirt.” But you do see them in big sporting goods shops more than you do in small, individually owned gun shops, although it is not impossible to find them in the latter, either.

I have not seen any UMC-brand rounds on the shelves locally for several years.

I’ve seen hundreds of the 250-round UMC yellow boxes and 100-round Remington green/white Value Packs (including 357 Magnum) but this is the only 100-round UMC yellow Value Pack. Its also dated at the end of 50-round yellow UMC box production and beginning of the 100-round green/white Value Pack.

I should have mentioned that I have the 100-round pack, and have seen them in other 9 mm box collections
as well. The mention of the 250 round boxes was made for the information of those who, perhaps, had not
seen them. I am aware that they are very common, more common than the 100-round box.

No shortage of those yellow UMC boxes at the local gun show this morning - 9mm, .45 and .40.

250-round or 100-round?

I saw both 250 and 100, but mostly 250.